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Fun and Creative Back-to-School Activities for Kids

Can you fathom that the moment to consider back-to-school activities has arrived already? It feels as if we were just recently rejoicing in the summer break. Regardless of your sentiments regarding the return to school, one fact remains certain: it's an opportunity for a new beginning for all.

Featured below are innovative and enjoyable first-day-of-school projects tailored for various age groups, encompassing kindergarteners, elementary school students, and middle schoolers. Some of our suggestions even double as excellent at-home learning pursuits for toddlers! Among the diverse assortment of crafts for children, you'll find sponge boats, craft stick buses, photo magnets, and construction pencil holders. Furthermore, we've curated an array of social-emotional learning options, including health check-ins, guided meditation sessions, and personal letter writing. What's more, many of these activities seamlessly integrate foundational skills in critical thinking, mathematics, science, and English.

Items that you need for Crafting:

Duct tape in different colors


Craft knife

Cutting mat


DIY Pencil Holders

Having a pencil holder is consistently practical within the classroom setting. Children can readily create their own using repurposed cans and vibrant Astrobrights color cardstock through a simple DIY approach. This is vivid and stunning. Effortlessly produce stunning postcards, booklet covers, presentation bindings, and various other paper crafts. Guaranteed for use with inkjet, laser, and copier printers. Free from acid and lignin, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Sponge Boat Craft and Race - Back-to-School

Bring children together for a day filled with crafts and amicable rivalry! They'll construct boats using sponges and craft sticks, followed by an exciting race across a bucket of water to determine the swiftest vessel.




  1. Use scissors to cut the tip of your kitchen scourer into a pointed end. It might be helpful to first mark lines on the sponge using a lead pencil to ensure evenness.

  2. With a craft knife, create a small horizontal slit in the sponge to accommodate the mast (crafted from a craft stick).

  3. Construct the sail. Begin by laying down a piece of duct tape, then place a second piece of duct tape alongside it, also upside down but overlapping. The width should match approximately the width of the sponge. Add another layer of tape on top of the first, ensuring the sticky side faces downward, resulting in a smooth sail on both sides. Optionally, adorn with stripes of a different color.

  4. Trim the edges of the sail into a roughly square shape using either a craft knife or scissors.

  5. Affix two small pieces of duct tape around the top and near the bottom of the craft stick mast, where the sail's base will rest. This aids in securing the sail.

  6. Once more, employ the craft knife to create small horizontal slits at the top and bottom of the sail.

  7. Thread the duct tape sail through these slits, shaping a curved mast.

Summer Memories - Back-to-School

Once more, the sun-soaked days of summer have returned! Explore a selection of humorous poems found within "What I Did on My Summer Vacation." Following this, encourage children to participate in a classroom activity where they can either discuss or illustrate their personal summer escapades, taking turns as they move around the room.

Once more, the sun-soaked days of summer have returned! Delve into a collection of more than forty uproarious poems centered around the joys of summer vacation. These poems encompass everything from the eagerly awaited final day of school to family road trips, zany adventures at summer camp, the process of learning to swim, heart-pounding roller coaster rides, carefree beach days, and inevitably, the apprehensive start of the new school year. Authored by the comedic talents of Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, Robert Pottle, Eric Ode, Neal Levin, and the rest of the remarkable Giggle Poets crew, these side-splitting verses are guaranteed to have you eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer vacation!

First-Day Photo Booth

Capture snapshots of your students using these playful props, subsequently, print the photos and affix them to your classroom bulletin board. This will provide them with an entertaining visual keepsake to enjoy throughout the entire year.


Discover our all-inclusive survival science kit designed for kids, perfect for both boys and girls to dive into the world of experiments. Just gather a few household items like water to complement this kit. As you explore, you'll encourage the development of essential survival skills, allowing children to learn how to navigate the great outdoors.

Packed with a plethora of tools for various experiments, the Be Amazing! Toys science kit boasts an incredible solar oven, plastic funnels, a magnet, and much more. This science set also makes for a truly original gift idea, catering to curious minds keen on unraveling scientific secrets. Safety takes precedence in our creation process, as the Be Amazing!

Toys science kit for kids is meticulously crafted from top-notch materials, ensuring a secure and educational experience that meets the highest standards.


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