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8 Laws of Health

We also have a menu to help prevent & Heal Health Conditions
                       *Upon Request

Health Tip: Cruciferous Vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower and cabbage contain phenols which detoxify cells, diffuse cell damage, and inhibit tumor growth. (helpful to prevent and help fight a better cancer fight) *(Balanced Living)

There are also 8 laws of health we found to be amazing tools to engage and promote a well balanced lifestyle. They are derived from the acronym NEW START. Check out these pivotal, simplistic fundamentals that can change your life when applied.

N: Nutrition

E:   Exercise

W: Water

S:   Sunlight

T:   Trust

A:   Air

R:   Rest

T:   Temperance 

We will have more details and information at our next pop-up restaurant.

*Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor with any health advice to ensure you stay healthy and safe.

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